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Handmade Coffee Mugs with a Jaguar Car Theme


Jaguar E-type / XKE

My Jaguar E-type

If you own a Jaguar or not, these coffee mugs are just for you. How would you like to wake up in the morning and have that cup of Joe in a “one of a kind”  handmade ceramic Jaguar Mug? Not some cheap Chinese made cup that you buy at every coffee shop in America. A ceramic Jaguar Mug is a very versatile, functional mug that anyone can enjoy.

All the hot drink lovers in your life would love to get their hands on an original handmade Ceramic Jaguar Mug. That cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate tastes a lot better when you are drinking it from a mug that someone has taken the extra time to hand make just for you.

A  ceramic Jaguar Mug is an extraordinary gift for the holidays, birthdays or retirements.  It’s a “One of kind item” , no two are ever the same.

Jaguar Mug with E Type handle

Jaguar Mug with exterior style handle


Can you imagine the look on your boss’s face at his retirement party! A Jaguar mug stuffed with a pack of cocoa, tea or coffee will be well received by everyone on your gift giving list.







Jaguar Cup & saucer

Jaguar Cup and Saucer.



Select from a large variety of handmade ceramic Jaguar mugs with many popular designs. Due to the individual hand building of each mug, no too are ever completely alike. Each mug is made from porcelain or stoneware clay using glazes that are food safe. Using multiple glazes gives the mug its coloring and beautiful features. A Jaguar emblem will adorn the side of your mug, some mugs may have “thumb holds” made to resemble a piece off a Jaguar. Your handle may be a simple “clay pulled” handle or you may like one with an “E Type” handle. Patterned after the interior grab handle on the passenger side of all E Types or the exterior door handle.


Jaguar mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe except it is recommended not to put the mugs with “chrome look” details into the microwave & dishwasher. These are the ones with the “E Type handle” and ones with the Jaguar emblem in shiny “chrome” glaze.  The metal in the “chrome” glaze will cause the mug to get extremely hot in those areas if you put  it in the microwave  and running them in the dishwasher will dull the shiny “chrome” after a few months of washing.


We’re not a catalog mail order business but a “one man pottery shop”.  Since our Jaguar Mugs are all made from scratch, we do not have a printed catalog but do check our Esty website store at for available stock.

Other items available are Jaguar Coffee Pots, Jaguar Tea Pots, tumblers and bowls using features taken from the cars. You might have a coffee pot with a power steering top and a dipstick or one with a gas cap for the top. These can be used for coffee but can not be put on a direct flame or heating element. In order to use you Jaguar Coffee Pot, start to make your coffee in a regular coffee pot, pour hot tap water into your Jaguar coffee Pot, to warm it up. When your coffee is done, pour the water out of the Jaguar Coffee Pot, fill it with your freshly brewed coffee and serve it to your friends in your handmade  Jaguar mugs.



Jaguar Teapot

Jaguar Teapot with E-type handle and oil filler cap.


Jaguar teapot with oil filler cap

Jaguar Teapot with oil fill cap



Jaguar Teapot with car handle

Jaguar Teapot with car handle, oil filler cap and hose clamp



Jaguar Teapot with dipstick

Jaguar Teapot with E-type handle, oil filler cap and removable dipstick.

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